The vision of Kentucky Surgery Center is to be the #1 Ambulatory Surgery Center choice of physicians, patients, and employees.

Kentucky Surgery Center is a leader of excellence in the ambulatory surgery arena providing quality service and compassionate care to all cultures and generations, being worthy of patient, physician, and employee choice through our:


  • Uncompromising personal attention
  • Commitment to safety
  • Innovative methods to ensure best practices
  • Pristine, state of the art environment

Our mission is to make positive and measurable differences in the health of the patients and communities we serve.

Medical Heights Surgery Center, Inc. (MHSC), Lexington KY was issued a certificate of incorporation as an independent physician owned surgery center in 1984 by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.    The Ambulatory Surgery Center opened its door to the surrounding community providing multi-specialty surgery and procedures in 1986. In 2004 the Board of Directors made the decision to foster growth and development, which led to the expansion of a new facility. Medical Heights opened its doors to a new location with the dba of Kentucky Surgery Center (KSC) on February 6, 2006. There are currently seven (7) operating rooms and three (3) procedure rooms.
Quality: We are dedicated to providing excellent service through continuous performance improvement, ensuring positive outcomes and seeking innovative ways to exceed expectations.

Professionalism: We will embrace integrity, ethics, respect, and compassion to fulfill our commitment to our internal and external customers.

Empowerment: We will enable and support all employees to be champions by recognizing their experience, promoting continuous learning and skill improvement and creating an environment that encourages initiative, teamwork, and stewardship.

Fiscal Management: We will operate our business efficiently by responsibly utilizing resources without compromising our commitment to quality.

Communication: We are committed to being responsive to each other, our community, and our shareholders through welcoming and encouraging the exchange of ideas and information.

  • Alexander, Keith, MD
  • Bray, Gary, MD
  • Butler, Larry, MD
  • Castellanos, Alberto, M.D.
  • Chattha, Anup, MD
  • Clark, Dorothy, MD
  • Coy, Samuel, MD
  • Fox, John, MD
  • Grau, Gregory, MD
  • Harris, Jason, MD
  • Hill, Daniell, MD
  • Hughes, Kenneth, MD
  • Kessler, Kent, MD
  • Kirk, Michael, MD
  • Knecht, Christian, MD
  • Koury, Hameed, MD
  • Lagrew, Jeffrey
  • Laureano, Alberto, MD
  • O’Neill, James, MD
  • Osetinsky, Gregory, MD
  • Papp, Charles, MD
  • Parell, William, MD
  • Pezzi, James, M.D.
  • Phillips, Hayden, MD
  • Primm, Daniel, MD
  • Robbins, Earl G., MD
  • Rogers, Anthony, MD
  • Rollins, James, MD
  • Ryan, Andrew, MD
  • Saha, Sibu, MD
  • Sajadi, Kaveh, MD
  • Sajadi, Kooros, MD
  • Schaeffer, Cameron, MD
  • Simon, Mark, MD
  • Speach, Albert, MD
  • Svetich, David, MD
  • Tackett, Reva, MD
  • Terrell, Freddie, MD
  • Terrell, Ray Brent, MD
  • VanMetre, Ray, MD
  • Vaughan, John, M.D.
  • Voss, Jon, MD
  • Wilson, Timothy, MD
  • Woods, Robert, MD
  • Yalkut, Dennis, MD

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